E-business is conducting business electronically over the Internet and the World-Wide Web. Every business involves several parties—customers, suppliers, distributors, partners, and etc. The Internet has created a common electronic medium for business parties to communicate needs and capabilities, exchange market information, and more importantly, carry out transactions.

E-Business Benefits

  • Expanded market reach
  • Strengthened business relations
  • Improved efficiency

The most common type of e-business applications is on-line shopping—storefronts in the cyberspace where customers can browse through goods and services, make instant purchases, get product support, and communicate user experiences.

In addition to selling on-line, certain types of services can actually be delivered directly over the Internet. For example, a survey that used to be conducted on paper or over the phone can now be done on-line, where subjects use browser programs connected to the Internet to fill out the survey forms and administrators use the browsers to view reports.

Other mission-critical systems, such as order tracking systems, inventory tracking systems, problem logging systems, and transaction monitoring systems, can also be accessed or even implemented over the Web. These e-business applications allow suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and other business partners to work closer than before, resulting in much quicker responses to market changes.

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