E-learning very often refers to learning over the Internet and the World-Wide Web, although its exact definition includes any learning with technology. Technologies such as the Internet give learners more freedom on when and where learning can occur; they also allow learning to become more individual and independent.

E-Learning Benefits

  • distant - overcoming distance in space
  • asynchronous - overcoming gaps in time
  • independent - freeing instructors from
    certain tedious tasks
  • individual - accommodating personal
    background, learning objective and style

Learning technologies can apply to many settings. For example, universities and colleges use technology to deliver distance-education programs. They can use technology to promote independent and individual learning on campus.

Corporations use technology to make training programs more flexible and cost-effective. They also use technology to quickly deliver up-to-date product information to remote sales and service personnel.

Professional trainers use e-learning to rapidly expand their market reach beyond geographical barriers. They also use e-learning to offer flexible alternatives to their main training programs.

LearningBeat: E-learning development made easy.

LearningBeat Advantages

  • learning-centric approach
  • full-service solution
  • risk-sharing partnership

@soft provides a range of e-learning services under the LearningBeat™ brand name. Our distinctive approach puts learning before technology—we first determine learning objectives and instructional instruments, and then we select, develop and integrate proper technologies to implement them. Our services include instructional design, implementation, hosting, technical support, and on-going evolution. With education or training providers, we are also willing to form risk-sharing partnerships to keep your up-front cost low, sharing a long-term success as you grow your e-learning market.

Give us a call for more information. Talk to us about your needs. You will be pleasantly surprised that how achievable your e-learning objectives are.