Networking between computer systems used to be complicated or even mysterious to many, but not any more! Today, with hardware components readily available as common office supplies and most software built to be network-aware, computer networking has become as common as using word-processing programs. 

Common Networking Tasks

  • office networking
  • Internet connection setup and sharing
  • Microsoft Windows domain setup
  • file sharing and backup
  • printer and device sharing
  • remote access
  • intranets (internal websites)
  • client/server application setup

The benefits of computer networking cannot be understated. A local area network allows files, printers and Internet connections to be shared and system administration to be centralized. A virtual private network allows computers from home/branch offices to be securely and cost-effectively connected to the central office using the Internet. An intranet allows a business to take advantage of the Internet/Web technologies within the organization.

@soft keeps you connected.

Networking is an essential part of our own business. We understand the benefits and the challenges, and we are familiar with the technologies. We can make networking straightforward for you. We will help you figure out your networking needs from your business objectives, and will come up with a cost-effective solution that will work the best for you. Give us a call for more information.